Electric Toothbrush Buying Guide

rtyujkhjgfte  Keeping a healthy dental hygiene is a lifestyle everyone has to learn and adopt. The use of electric toothbrush has been on the rise in the recent days. It is suggested to have quality health for both gums and teeth. However, this is highly dependent on the toothbrush you use.

When buying an electric toothbrush could be an uphill task for many. With many models in the market today, some even for so low while others are ridiculously expensive. It is not all about cost though. We have put together some factors that should be considered when buying an electric toothbrush. Our guide has a blend of common customer reviews and the expert tips on what to look for when buying your electric toothbrush, regardless of the budget size.

The type of electric toothbrush

There are many varieties in the market today. From rotating to oscillating, pulsating and sonic as well as counter-rotating power toothbrushes, the benefits vary from one model to another. The features are slightly different thus their varying performance and effectiveness.

  • Rotating – made with a set of turning bristles, the toothbrush is made to rotate in a circular motion. They are usually the most affordable models in the market today.
  • Pulsing – some electric toothbrushes have backward and forward motion on their head. This is against the teeth while the brush is spinning. It is effective in dislodging plaque from the gums. It is commonly found in the rotating and rotating-oscillating electric toothbrushes.
  • Dual head – this model has two heads combined in one. One part rotates as the other sweeps side to side.
  • Sonic and ultrasonic – this electric toothbrush works by vibrating at some high speed. The frequency helps to break the plaque.


Some of the electric toothbrushes have long-lasting batteries than others. The rechargeable batteries vary in lifetime. On average, they take around 184 minutes to die out. From research, most power brushes will require a power up after 16 brushes. This is a major point to be considered when buying an electric toothbrush. It will affect how portable and reliable a brush is when on trips or traveling.wertytrfdg

Replacement frequency

The electric toothbrush head requires changing over time. The bristles wear out and require replacement. To cut down on cost, buy multi-packs to avoid frequent replacements; as they are pricey.
Some electric brushes can be used with a range of heads. They are more of a universal model. They are made for a specific clean like multi-directional cleaning, whitening, or flossing. Usually, these are more expensive than ordinary brushes.

Why use a power toothbrush?

People with special dental-related health issues like lack of dexterity, arthritis – may require more than normal effort to use a soft-bristled manual brush. Take time to understand various aspects when buying your electric toothbrush, as highlighted in this guide!